Bruce Eric Flynn

 My exposure to the culinary world began when i was sixteen. through the years of apprenticeship in the kitchen, and despite not having formal training, I quickly moved up the ranks and found myself running a restaurant at the age of 23. somehow though my passion for cooking seemed to occur more at home and when gathered with friends. years of requests for seasoning ideas and sauce recipes, led me to a decision to do what i felt passionate about and what made me happy in the kitchen. I have found a true passion in creating unique and all natural rubs and seasonings that allow people to have fun creating meals with ease. These products aren't just for grills and smokers, but for stove top, ovens, and even salads. the most exciting part of sharing these rubs and seasonings, is when people tell me of how they use these blends in ways that even i haven't thought of. it's that creativity that excites me, and its for that reason that i launched flynn rubs. thank you for visiting this site, and thank you for using my products and being part of that creative passion in the kitchen!